Machines and technological lines

Installations and starting up machines

We install and start up machines and production lines in many sectors of industry

We carry out installations and start up machines and production lines. We can perform installations both comprehensively and partially – in cooperation with other entities:

Consultations at the stage of a construction project on:

    • designing proper foundations
    • connecting all kinds of process media (electricity, process water, process steam, compressed air, power hydraulics…)
    • adjusting the hall layout to work ergonomics and optimal flow of products and semi-products
    • suitable air conditioning / ventilation of production plants

Selecting a suitable machine adapted to the production process
In cooperation with the investor and by analyzing his needs, we help in finding and selecting a proper solution in the form of specialized machine or production line.

Local vision at the manufacturer
Before making a final decision by the investor, we recommend a joint visit at the machine manufacturer to verify and agree on technical details. Determining and proposing presumptive design changes in the machinery in order to adapt it to the specific requirements of the investor.

Protocol of the machine commisioning at the manufacturer
When the machine is ready at the manufacturer’s, it is worth performing final commissioning before organizing transport to the investor. During the commissioning, machine compliance with the original requirements of the investor and subsequent changes is being verified. The correctness of the implementation is confirmed by a protocol.

Organization of transport to the investor
Transport and logistics remain one of the key aspects especially when it comes to larger machines and production lines. Having experience in installing machinery we help with transportation to the destination in cooperation with trusted logistics companies.

Unloading the machine
We organize unloading and local transport on the territory of the investor’s plant. We perform the actions both in newly built and functioning plants during regular production.

Mechanical installation
We perform mechanical installations of machines. Settling on previously prepared foundations. Connecting all machine pieces together in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions.

Application of possible structural changes and corrections
When installing the machines, it is often necessary to make mechanical, electrical or programming changes in order to adapt the machine individually to the needs of the customer. In cooperation with the machine manufacturer and the investor we apply corrections to projects and implement changes during installation.

Connecting process media to the machine
We prepare installations that connect process media to the machine, including compressed air, process water, process steam, vacuum, technical gases.

Pneumatic, hydraulic and process media installation on the machine
We distribute and connect pneumatic, hydraulic and process media to the machine. We weld pipelines and do leak tests.

Electrical installation on the machine
We execute electrical installations on the machine. We connect and calibrate sensors. We connect active elements (motors, servomechanisms, coil heaters, etc.). We measure electrical parameters of machines.

I/O check
We verify if all machine elements have been connected correctly. In case of any incorrectness we make corrections. We check the correct connection of inputs / outputs on the controller according to the electrical diagram of the machine manufacturer.

Starting the machine
We connect the supply voltage to the machine, if necessary, we upload a program to the PLC controller. We perform movements of particular machine elements in manual mode. If necessary, we make changes to the program. We perform first tests in automatic mode.

Production tests
We carry out first production tests with the use of material in cooperation with the investor’s representatives. We help in the preparation of processes and formulations. We check the correctness of machine operation.

Post-performance documentation
After installing the machine, we prepare the post-performance documentation. If any changes were applied during the installation process, we add them to the final documentation.

Installation protocol
At the end of the installation, we perform machine commisioning with the investor’s representatives. The commisionning is completed by signing the machine installation protocol.

Support during regular production
After the machine has been commisioned, we provide the support of our engineers to apply possible corrections (mechanical, electrical or programming).

Service and inspections
We provide service of installed machines in case of malfunction. We carry out regular inspections of machines in order to avoid unforeseen malfunctions and downtimes.


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