PLC, HMI, SCADA programming

We program PLC controllers, HMI operator panels, SCADA visualizations as well as create databases and production reporting systems.

Manufacturing companies decide to automate processes for many reasons:

    • machine speedup
    • reducing the number of operators working on the machine
    • optimizing and improving operators’ work ergonomics
    • improving machine safety
    • obtaining higher product accuracy / quality

In the context of production automation we perform:

PLC controllers programming
We write new and modify existing programs on PLC controllers of most manufacturers (e.g. Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Omron, B & R, Beckhoff, Pilz). Based on the many years of experience of our programmers and on the requirements and knowledge of the investor in the field of the production process and the machine, we create personalized control programs. We write programs for both simple machines and complex production lines.

HMI operator panels
A very important aspect n modern machines is the functionality and ease of operation. In order to achieve them, we install modern HMI operator panels along with dedicated programs written by us. It is possible to display on the panels machine operation parameters, alarms and production data, current and historical.
HMI panels can be used both as the only source of machine control and as addition to standard buttons.

SCADA visualizations
We create process visualizations (SCADA) for both HMI panels and industrial computers. In order to make full use of the process data, we present it in a graphic form and archive it.

Databases and production reporting systems
Modern machines and production lines are equipped with multiple and complex measurement systems and sensors which generate a huge amount of data. The data has to be saved in an appropriate way and then processed. Well-thought-out data storage is crucial to get needed information. We create databases that are the basis for the reporting system created by us with special care so that we can adapt them to the needs of the client. The reporting system can be implemented using sms, e-mail, audio or visual messages. All together allows to react quickly in case of machine aberrations from the accepted standard, to maintain better quality of the process and speed it up. An easily accessible record of historic data makes it possible to carry out an analysis of streamlining production processes without additional financial or time costs.


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