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Industrial robots

We comprehensively integrate industrial robots and connected technological lines. We design robot-related side devices.

We are an integrator of industrial robots. In repetitive parts of the process, human resources can be replaced with an industrial robot. If there is a need to increase the safety of the process, improve ergonomics or the material is very heavy you should think about implementing an industrial robot. We will conduct such an analysis for you and present possible solutions. We install industrial robots both as independent units (e.g. in the palletizing process) and in larger production lines. A very big advantage of robots is the repeatability and accuracy of the operations performed. To ensure the safety of people working in the plant, we deliver robots with a fully functioning safety system, which includes: fencing, safety curtains, doors protected by safety locks, force and weight measurement systems, emergency switches. Except for traditional industrial robots, which need to be placed in a cell to function safely, we also integrate collaborative robots, or so-called cobots. These robots can interact directly with people, following additional precautions in opposition to completely isolated robots in cells.


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